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IMECT School Morne Tapion

Help us finish our school!

We need $6K to finish IMECT school near Petit Gouave, Haiti, which fell down in the January 2010 earthquake. Friends in the Virgin Islands have managed to keep it running ever since, educating and feeding almost 200 children, ...

We have rebuilt IMECT school near Petit Gouave, Haiti, destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. Our tiny group in the Virgin Islands has managed to keep it running ever since, educating and feeding 200 children, through art sales and private donations, in a plywood temporary building we built for only $7,500, and now in a new concrete wing on the original footprint!

Late in 2013 we finally received construction funds that had been held up for 3 years! With US$10,000, we built the foundations and walls of three classrooms and a kitchen. The new kitchen is also more hygienic, feeds more people, and enables the parents to sell local produce, starting microbusinesses that benefit the community and keep kids in school. We feed all the children their main meal every day.

"100% for Haiti" combined forces with Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti to run the school from December 2013, giving both schools access to a wider base and more expertise and funding - this has been a huge success already! 

School in sessionIn 2014 we partnered with Terre de Hommes, based in Switzerland, who have built excellent new toilets and showers and a much larger water cistern. We've begun to equip the kitchen and help fund small associated businesses to take the school into the future as a partly self-sustaining entity.

IMECT school still needs paint and extras such as furniture, gravel for the courtyard, and the continual expenses of wear and tear, and food for 240 people! We count on your continued support.

HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL: The quake destroyed this 150 student K to 6th grade school, only 25 miles from the epicentre. The school director, Yolande Caristyl, also lost her house on the same site, which acted as the kindergarten classrooms, and her family’s investment in building this school on donated land in 2000. Children have graduated from the school every year since 2001, paying less than $26 US /year each, a solid achievement in Haiti which lacks school facilities for 1/3 of its children. In mid 2010 Yolande got married, in the ruins of her school. Living in a tent that was a wedding present – she and eight other local teachers, (unpaid the whole year) restarted the school beneath the same torn tarpaulins supported by sticks where they finished the last schoolyear. The remains of the school, one room (the office) with a concrete roof that no-one will enter at night for fear of it crushing them in an aftershock, and the front and side walls with a tin temporary roof on 2 more classrooms, were being used as storage, cooking space, and shelter from heavy rain. In August 2010 Mandy visited and met with a builder, and the community to discuss a temporary plywood and tin 6 room school – built with volunteer labor, and locally sourced building materials in October. This was only $50 per child – for a school better than many in the country, to last several years – enabling a permanent school to be slowly reconstructed without the loss of years of these children’s education. The school also provides adult and teen classes, acts as a community center, and is used by local organizations and churches.

In 2011 Mandy made a second visit to plan the rebuild of the first permanent classroom, and help paint and decorate the plywood school. It was great to see the students, then 162 children aged 3 to 17, under a sound roof, in their smart gingham uniforms, avidly absorbing the lessons. 100% for Haiti, a group of Virgin Islands artists, continued funding teacher salaries, school lunches, latrines, a plastic water tank, and levelling the ruins to begin building. Mandy also took donated equipment, and First Aid kits, and taught a few lessons while painting the school and finding out more about community needs. A picasaweb slideshow of the trip can be seen at: IMECT School at Morne Tapion

At the end of 2013, 100% for Haiti was absorbed into Good Samaritan Foundation, with Mandy as Administrative Director. Yolande Caristyl and her 12 teachers and staff, with Michel Payant as school administrator, are now educating 230 children in the plywood schoolrooms plus the newly rebuilt concrete school! Thanks to a grant from the Virgin Islands Government Haiti Relief Fund in 2013, and funds raised online and from our faithful supporters, there are three new classrooms and a kitchen with a special institutional stove (made by Instove of California).

The school is almost finished and we hope to paint and add doors and more furniture, and better cooking facilities and sports equipment as we go forward. Monthly expenses of the kitchen and all the salaries are a constant struggle and we appeal to you for help - this school is more efficiently and cheaply run than almost any other, anywhere!

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The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti is committed to the advance of education, health and welfare of the underprivileged children of Haiti. The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or national or religious affiliation.

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